Are you also considering renting out your property on the Costa Blanca?

Also then we can be of service to you in various ways.


On July 9, 2018, a law amendment has taken place that obliges anyone who owns a property in Spain and wants to rent out this property to have a rental permit.

Regulations regarding this rental permit may vary per province, but because our office is located in the province of Valencia, we will limit ourselves to the regulations of the Comunidad Valencia.

Because the application for this rental permit is quite a complex and time-consuming affair in which various steps must be taken, we are happy to take this work off your hands.

To apply for the rental permit and to obtain your own registration number, our office must be in possession of:

  • Copy of passport

  • Copy NIE number

  • Copy of SUMA bill

  • Copy of the Declaration of habitability (Declaration responsable de segunda ocupación).If you are not in possession of this certificate, we can organize this for you.

  • Compatibility certificate from the municipality where the property is located

  • (certificado de compatabilidad urbanística alojamientos turísticos)

This document can also be organized by our office.

  • Description of the property, together with the layout and the number rooms present.

Signed authorization that gives us the opportunity to request the rental permit and registration number on your behalf.

When you are in possession of the rental permit and the registration number, you will receive an official sign with this number.

This sign must then be attached to your home in the vicinity of your front door.

In addition, the details of all your tenants must be passed on to the local police in the future through an online registration.

To obtain a username and login details for this database, you must report to the local police station where the property is located.

As a property owner in Spain who rents out his property, you must also fill in a TAX declaration form in Spain on a 3-monthly basis.

More about this under the TAX DECLARATION RENTAL INCOME item.

The price for applying for the rental permit and obtaining the registration number is

199, — Euro (including IVA) **

** If additional documents are required for the application, such as the organization of a declaration of habitability, additional costs may be charged.

This amount applies to real estate located in the Orihuela – Orihuela Costa region.

When applying for a rental permit and registration number in the Torrevieja region, an additional tax of € 55 must be paid.


Once you are in possession of the official rental permit and the registration number, you can start letting your property in Spain.

When renting in Spain, you are required to file a 3-month tax return on the income that you derive from renting out your Spanish home.

On the net profit achieved (rental income minus costs) you need to pay 19% tax.

This tax return is made by a recognized gestoría after he receives an overview of the rental income and costs incurred every 3 months.

3-month Gestoria fee for rental tax declaration

is 69, — Euro (including IVA)


If you are planning to rent out your property in Spain, it is very important that you and your tenants have a point of contact in Spain for when you are not in Spain.

For a fixed amount per year and a small fee per rental period, you have found a reliable partner in our office who will professionally ensure correct settlement and care-free rental of your property in Spain

Below we give you a small list of our services that you can expect from our office when renting out your Spanish home:

– At the start of our cooperation, we will give you a list of all the items that must be present in the home for a successful lease.

– Our office will prepare a complete inventory list of all items present in your home.

– Our office will compile an information map with important information for tenants.

This includes the house rules, the rules of residence where the property is located, useful and practical information about the area, tourist attractions and important telephone numbers.

This map is placed in your home and if necessary regularly updated.

  • We make an exposé of your home with photos and a description and place it together with rental prices on our internet page.

(if desired and with the express permission of the lessor)

In consultation and at an additional cost, we also publish your property on several international rental pages.

  • We make a rental calendar on which you and our office can see when the property is available for rent.

** there are NO restrictions regarding the own use of the property, but you must of course inform us of this in time so that there is no risk of “double bookings” **

  • We prepare the lease agreements with each tenant, make copies of the proof of identity and pass this information on to the required authorities.

  • If applicable, we receive the agreed rent from the tenant and pay it (minus the fee to our office) to a bank account specified by the lessor.

  • We receive the deposit (if necessary) and hand over the key to your tenants)

  • Meet and Greet with your tenants.

On arrival we welcome your tenants to your home and give a brief explanation about the operation of the various devices, television, air conditioning, alarm, etc.

  • If desired and at an additional cost, we can arrange a welcome pack for tenants in the home on the day of arrival.

This is often a very pleasant surprise for the tenants, especially if they arrive late in the evening and the shops are already closed.

  • During the entire rental period we are the point of contact for your tenants and they can always contact us with questions, problems and / or emergencies.

  • Check-out and final inspection when leaving the house by the tenants.

After a thorough check, the deposit paid will be returned to the tenant within 10 days (if applicable).

  • After leaving the house by the tenants (or yourself) we have the house completely cleaned, we ensure that bed linen and towels are cleaned and replaced.

Costs for this are borne by tenants and / or the owners of the property.

  • If desired and at an additional cost, we can also arrange transport for your tenants to and from the airport in Alicante or Murcia.

Annual costs for this rental service are 199,- – Euro (including IVA)

For private bookings submitted by the owners, the commission at our office is 10% of the rent.

For bookings by our office, the commission at our office is 20% of the rent.

*** The rental service by our office is only possible if the landlord has the property management (package I, II, or III) also carried out by our office ***



If you or your tenants do not feel like running straight to the store on arrival at the property or if you are arriving in Spain with a late flight, we can ensure that a small basic package is available on arrival.

This Welcome Package consists of:

2 bottles of water of 1.5 liters.

2 bottles of soft drink of 1.5 liters (cola and fanta)

1 pack of milk

1 bottle of wine (red / white or rosé)

6 cans of beer

½ brown bread

½ white bread

1 pack of crackers

1 packet of ham

1 packet of cheese

1 salami sausage

1 bag of chips

1 bag of nuts Price 35,– Euro


Transport from and to the airport in Alicante or Murcia for up to 4 people with luggage.

Larger groups on request also possible.

Price per transport 45,– Euro


To ensure that you and / or your tenants always arrive in a fresh, clean home, we arrange that your home will always be cleaned completely after you or your tenants leave. We also ensure that the beds and towels are changed and the present “dirty” laundry is cleaned and neatly stored away.

If there is a longer period between 2 rental periods, a small inspection will be done 1 day before the arrival of the new residents.

Prices per cleaning:

House / apartment with 1 bedroom 75, – Euro

House / apartment with 2 bedrooms 90, – Euro

House / apartment with 3 bedrooms 110, – Euro

House / apartment with 4 bedrooms 130, – Euro

House / apartment with 5 bedrooms 160, – Euro

All prices include IVA.

For homes or apartments with more rooms and / or special dimensions, a price is agreed after a visit by our office.


Because of our many years of experience and because our office has been in this area for more than 20 years, we have a large network of various companies that can be of service to you in every area (such as plumbers, DIY companies, construction companies, locksmiths, gardeners, etc.) etc,).

If you need help or you are looking for someone in a certain field, let us know. If possible we would like to put you in contact with the right people.