Aftersales Service

Even after the purchase of your property in Spain the service of Experience Estate S.L. doesn’t end.

During the entire purchase process, we are a reliable partner at your side.
In addition to applying for your N.I.E. number, opening a Spanish bank account, applying for a possible Spanish mortgage and the preparation and monitoring of all necessary contracts and documents we will continue to personally accompany you till the signing at the notary where you finally become the owner of your new Spanish home.

With new construction projects, we maintain a good contact with the relevant contractor during the entire construction period, we check the works on your behalf and keep you informed by regular mails about the progress of the construction of your new property.

Should you need any help after the purchase of your property in Spain with for example renovations, gardening or pool maintenance than we can also be of assistance to bring you in contact with some local specialists.

Tummers Invest also has a very good relation with various banks, insurance companies, architects and lawyers and we can put you in touch with them for each specific occasion.

After the purchase of your property in Spain, our doors are always open for you
and you are always welcome for free advice.